How can I get good at public speaking?

3 main steps to get started with Public Speaking.

1. Storytelling

In this world every single thing is a story itself.

We just need to understand and want to express it with others. So start storytelling.

2. Research your Audience

Researching your audience means what people want to hear from you.

If you find what people want then it will be easy for you to speak on their interest.

It will be easier for you to speak and people will appreciate your talk.

3. Body Language

Human brain is attracted more to body language and it understands quickly what front man speaking is true, effective and knowledgeable.

You know very well when an actor’s acting is not good then we can’t enjoy the film.

Exactly the same happens with public speaking. If a speaker’s body language is not related to his speech then the listener will not enjoy his talk.

So, today onwards follow these 3 steps to become a good public speaker.

I know it won’t happen in a week or a month. It will take at least 3 months to reach a certain level with daily practice. Consistently.