What is a Personal Brand? Its importance and benefits

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You probably hear the word “branding” several times a day. It’s become one of the most common subjects in entrepreneurship — and for good reason.

You might have thought of business’s brand, but what about your personal brand? Even if you don’t make any attempts to create a personal brand, it already exists if you are active online.

A personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you who you are. It is how you present yourself to the world.

Your personal brand refers to how you promote yourself. It is the personality that you want everybody else to see about you.

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Why is personal branding so important?

A personal brand isn’t much different from a business brand. Instead of marketing a store or product, you’re marketing yourself.

Building up a personal brand has a ton of benefits, both personally and professionally and it can help open many doors for you in the future.

Developing a personal brand takes work, and it’s not going to happen overnight. But once you do it, the benefits are endless.

A personal brand exists whether or not you create it for yourself. When you publish a blog post, you reveal aspects of your personality to the people who read it.

Your personal brand develops around the content you post, from social and search advertising to blog posts and webinars.

Benefits of having a Personal Brand.

Personal branding comes with many benefits. When you take control over the narrative that surrounds your online persona, you can make important decisions about what you share and how people see you.

  • It helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • It leads to opportunities.
  • It inspires trust in your audience.
  • Someone is always going to be screening you online.

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How to build a Personal Brand?

It’s important to remember that the existence of your personal brand doesn’t start the first time you think about it. Put yourself in the shoes of people searching your name and look at yourself from their point of view: Google yourself!

You already have a personal brand. Now it’s a matter of leading it in the direction you want. Define your own personal brand mission by thinking about these 3 simple questions: WHO, WHY and WHAT.

  • Determine who you really are
  • Determine what you want to accomplish
  • Identify your target audience
  • Start treating yourself as a brand
  • Optimize your website
  • Develop your content strategy
  • Constantly add value to your audience
  • Build a community

If you want to get started in producing thought leadership content of your own, I’d advise first getting clear about what you have expertise in and what it is that you love. That’s just a starting point however. It’s really about where you find your passion.


Creating and growing a personal brand is a process, just like growing a company. You can start with smaller steps with the goal of increasing the reach of your personal brand. Your branding goals will evolve as you do, so be flexible and don’t shy away from adjusting your strategies when necessary. Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are, make sure to put your best foot forward!

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