How I Seen Myself In Future?

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Written By Akshay Bedwal

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Since I knew what the future means? I decided to be a great personality like an Industrialist or a Cricketer.

And I was on the way to get success in cricket in my school days. I played cricket a lot and I was a good batsman when I was a teenager. But after 10th pass Dad gave me an option to choose one either Cricket or Engineering. So I chose Engineering because he always wanted me to be an Engineer. He said when I was born “my son will be an Engineer”. 

One of my purest dreams was broken. But the second one was still there.

In 2013, I took admission at MIT Aurangabad for Computer Science & Engineering and my journey started. Actually I didn’t have much interest in study and all but somehow I managed to and completed it. But my dream of being an Industrialist remains a dream.

Now in 2021, I am looking forward to making my dream come true in the Digital Marketing Industry. And I am halfway there, I just need to be consistent and working to get my job done. One day I will not be an Industrialist but must be an Entrepreneur, Coach and a Public Speaker.