Effects of Overthinking and My Solution

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Written By Akshay Bedwal

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is not measurable by any measurement and no scientist will find how to fit it into.

This is a part of human nature to think of something or for something in day to day life. I don’t know exactly when a child is able to think by itself, but once a child grows to think by itself the actual journey of his life starts from then.

The ability of thinking varies from person to person. And the way of thinking also. What men can women not or vice versa.

I am a Overthinker!


Actually I felt that to solve any problem we should think all around (I called it 360°) of that problem. Then it got solved at a certain level, but this habit (360°) kept me so jaded that I started thinking too long about every little thing.

I loved to solve problems and I also have a habit that in any way I want to know the mind of the other person. No matter how much the person is avoiding the matter, I don’t leave him without knowing that thing. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but due to this all my friends and close one tell me about almost every problem they are facing.

Here my mind starts running fast and then somehow I find a solution (it won’t be relevant or exact always but close) to the problem.

The purpose of telling this story is that I always think over at every point and this brought me to a level I never find any simple solution and if somehow I got, still I am not satisfied with that solution. My brain is continuously thinking, actually fighting and I spend the whole day around it.

This habit affects me a lot. I never decide what to do in life. I never focus on studying or any particular thing or never easily be happy all day.

This was me.

How did I control it?

I lost myself completely in that habit and I want to escape that shit. So I decided not to do phone calls to anyone and If I do then not long conversations with them. Simply Hi.. Hello… How are you? and all.

This brings some changes day by day and I feel calm and happy over it. I never imagined it before. One thing I clear here by doing this: I never broke my relations with anyone. I just did one thing I never tried to know and never asked about their problems.

And the best part is no one called me that you got changed and all things. Means no one had seen any difference in me. So I wasted my powerful time trying to understand others’ problems. But I also did not seem bad for my friends but happy feelings.

Now, since then I changed my thinking level slowly to the normal level by not engaging with people more deeply. And this turned me somewhere I can manage little things in the short term. I am living for my life hacks and started learning new skills, managing time for reading and writing blogs. My brain started developing new ideas, making fast decisions, understanding new things and most importantly it got relaxed.