My Inspirations For All Time

Who is the first inspiration for you? Mom & Dad. Almost everybody will answer this. And it is. As we grow parents are always there to teach us everything right or wrong. And we also assume same as per their instructions. Children are the first responsibility for the parents and to fulfill them they have …

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How I Seen Myself In Future?

Excellent! Since I knew what the future means? I decided to be a great personality like an Industrialist or a Cricketer. And I was on the way to get success in cricket in my school days. I played cricket a lot and I was a good batsman when I was a teenager. But after 10th …

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My Story of Public Speaking

My Story of Public Speaking by Akshay Bedwal

Public Speaking. These two words are a crucial part of everybody’s life, but most of us fear public speaking. What is Public Speaking? What comes first in your mind when you hear this word? In my case, I am a shy person, I can’t speak even a single word if I stand in public. But …

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